People who care about words and the right way to use them get a pretty bad rap online.

Outraged and resentful posts plus downright aggressive comments seem to be the way grammatically challenged individuals hit back at so-called grammar nazis.

My point is very simple, language has rules for a reason.


If everyone were to spell and use words any old how and treat the rules of grammar like they are a suggestion rather than a system, then it would become increasingly difficult for us to communicate.

What am I saying? It already has.

The rules of spelling and grammar are not a conspiracy nor are they designed to make people feel ignorant. And with the technology available today there is no excuse for people to butcher language the way the do.

Use a spell checker.

Consult an online dictionary.

Or read my blog. I point out common errors and how to rectify them.

I also rant a little. Okay, a lot.

But with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Masters in Professional Writing plus over a decade working in magazines and online as a writer, editor and content producer I think I’m safe  to talk about this stuff.

Postcard with the words 'Every time you make a typo, the errorists win'.Wiser words have never been put on a postcard, T-shirt or bumper sticker. Hell, use it as your email sign off!


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